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Thank you to the following sources of information and photographs for compiling this timeline:

Technologist, SEMI Oral History Center (see below), The Chip History Center, FlexTech History, Intel Corp.,, TSMC, TechExplorist, Reiken Advanced Institute for Computational, Sciences, SEMIWiki, DisplaySearch, PCMag, Engadget, Quora, ASICWorld, Wikipedia, Computer History Museum, Oxford Instruments, Analog Devices, Cellphone History, Stanford University, Corning Inc.,, Southwest Center for Microsystems Education, George Eastman House, Semiconductor Measurement Technology Progress Report US NBS 1977, StationHypo 2020



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SEMI Oral History Interview Archive

To record and preserve the history of the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, SEMI presents oral history interviews with industry pioneers. The current collection of interviews are featured below, listed in alphabetical order by interviewee surname. Interviews were conducted during the years 2004-2011.

Alex d’Arbeloff
Co-founder of Teradyne

Morris Chang
Chairman, TSMC

Nicholas DeWolf
Founder, Teradyne

Dick Dryden
Founder, Dryden Engineering

James Gallagher
Co-founder, GCA Corp

Ted Gallagher
Founder, Tegal Corp

Sam Harrell
Served in management roles at TI, Cobilt, Micronix (founder), SEMATECH and KLA-Tencor

Rick Heim
40+ years in the industry, including RCA Labs, Kasper, Cobilt, Machine Technology and SEMI

Jerry Hutcheson
Founder, VLSI Research

C. Scott Kulicke
Chairman and CEO, Kulicke & Soffa

David K. Lam
Founder, Lam Research Corp

Karl Lang
Founder, Thermco

Jay T. Last
Co-founder, Fairchild Semiconductor

Mary Law
Executive secretary, SEMI (1973-1977)

Ken Levy
Co-founder, KLA Tencor

Robert E. Lorenzini
Founder, Elmat and Siltec

Michael McNeilly
Founder, Applied Materials

Brad Mattson
Founder, Novellus and Mattson Technology

James Morgan
Chairman, Applied Materials

Stan Myers
Siltec, Monsato, SEMI

Steve Nakayama
Former president, SEMI Japan

Robert Palmer
Co-founder, Mostek

Clements (Ed) Pausa
Served in management roles with Fairchild and National Semiconductor

Dan Quernemoen
Former chairman and CEO, Fluoroware

John Robison and Mike Grimes
Served as executives in TI’s silicon operations

Joseph Ross
Former CEO, Micromask

Ken Rygler
Founder, DuPont Photomasks

Ed Segal
Founder, Metron Technology

Kenichi Sekiya
Chairman and CEO, Disco Corp (1998-2006)

Harry Sello
Formerly with Shockley Labs and Fairchild Semiconductor

Monte Poole
Founder, Gasonics International

Dennosuke Uchida
Former president, General Signal Japan; and retired president, SEMI Japan

Founder, Materials Research Corp

Peter Wolken
Co-founder, Cobilt

Dan Worsham
Founder, Pacific Western Systems

Shoichiro Yoshida
Former chairman and CEO, Nikon Corp

Arthur Zafiropoulo
Founder, Drytek; chairman and CEO, Ultratech