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Looking to the Future - Everyday

Over the next 50 years we believe that more technology directions will assist us in living smarter, safer, and healthier lives.  Advanced software and intuitive interfaces, running on smaller and more powerful electronics, displayed to us in novel and creative ways, will cause a further blending of the physical and digital worlds.  Many parts of our lives will be changed.

The drivers of the change will continue to be those with vision, mission and purpose.  They will look from nanoscale to light-years scale, and continue to push the limits of physics and force.  We remain compelled to ask why - and study, research, idea-ate, propose, develop, build and collaborate to introduce advancements to the broader world.

SEMI will be there providing platforms to accelerate their success.  We invite you to join us.

SEMI is the global industry association for the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain

SEMI Staff Perspectives

Mike Ciesinski Photo 600px

Michael Ciesinski

Vice President, Technology Communities

Bettina Weiss 600px

Bettina Weiss

Chief of Staff