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Change has never been this fast....and it will never be this slow again!

Over the past 50 years, electronic innovations have fueled amazing advances in the way we live, work, communicate, and create.  In 1970, the idea of SEMI was conceived by industry pioneers who realized the potential of semiconductors, but they knew that real progress would be made by collaborating with each other and developing the supply chain in "co-opetition."

Thus, cleanrooms became cleaner, equipment vendors spoke a similar language, and standards were developed for everything from wafer sizes to material purity. At each step, defects were eliminated and products became more reliable, cheaper and much more powerful.

Computing, storing, sensing, communicating and displaying digital information have been accelerating over these 50 years.  From an industry in its infancy in 1970, the electronics hardware industry surpassed $500 billion in 2019.

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What's Now and What's Next?

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SEMI Membership - The Early Years

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The 50 Years of Innovation Timeline

In the mid-1990’s immense productivity growth is credited to the introduction of information technology.  That growth then duplicated itself in manufacturing, service and education industries.  Technology is in the process of transforming more industries including, medical, farming, transportation, textiles and clothing. There is no industry today that will not be touched by the electronics transformation.

SEMI is proud to have provided the collaboration platforms for the people, organizations and companies that provide the very foundation of this transformation.  From technical standards to technical conferences to networking mixers, we have always felt honored to do our part for your success.

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